Story of the epoch

The history is a fascinating journey through time. It tells us about the changes and developments that humankind has undergone. From ancient civilizations and kingdoms to modern nations and societies, each era has its own story. The blog "Story of Epoch" invites you to discover and understand these stories.

From antiquity to modern times, many civilizations have changed the world by their contributions to science, art, philosophy, and politics. Ancient empires such as the Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt, and the Persian Empire still leave us with impressive monuments and remnants. Other civilizations, such as the Mayans and Aztecs, have given us insight into ancient religion and culture.

During the Middle Ages, we dealt with the rise and fall of many kingdoms and empires, such as the Byzantine Empire and the Moorish Empire. This time was characterized by invasions from abroad, religious conflicts, and political instability. But it was also a time of great achievements, such as the construction of Gothic cathedrals and the rise of the Renaissance.

Modern history has brought us even more surprises and changes. From the industrial revolution and World War II to the rise of the digital revolution, the past has been further shaped by the political, economic, and social changes that humankind has undergone.


With this blog, we want to relive the stories and achievements of the different eras and be inspired by the many stories and changes that humankind has undergone. Take a journey through time and discover how each era changed and shaped our world into what it is today.